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A Portal designed for Library and KM Professionals to locate Internet Resources related to their Profession.
A Popular Information Resource Site for Librarians/Knowledge Managers Since 2002.

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Human Resources Management-Software

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Idea Management See also Knowledge Management
Income Tax
Information Architecture
Information Communications & Technology (ICT)
ICT Newsletters
Information Literacy for Lifelong Learning (ILLL)
Information Management (IM)
Information Markets See Also Markets

IM Consultants

Information Resource Management (IRM)
Information Science
Information Retrieval (IR)
India: Government


       Innovation is fast becoming the hottest topic in business and IT today.

  • Imaginatik - the Leader in Innovation Management

  • Destination Innovation, UK - is a consultancy founded by Paul Sloane to help improve innovation and leadership.  

Innovation Articles

Innovation Associations

International Trade Law

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Jobs See also LIS (Library & Information Science) Jobs


National Jobs

International Jobs

C++ Programmers Jobs

Oracle Jobs

Other Tech Jobs Sites

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