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A Portal designed for Library and KM Professionals to locate Internet Resources related to their Profession.
A Popular Information Resource Site for Librarians/Knowledge Managers Since 2002.

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Collaboration Blog

Communities of Practice (CoPs) / Virtual Communities of Practice (VCoPs)

Knowledge Strategies

Knowledge Capture

  • KnowledgeGrabber - is a Messenger-like window application designed to help ordinary computer users to manage issues and files. It also works with KnowledgeSpace to capture information into knowledge base by Active Information, Inc.

Knowledge Economy

Knowledge Sharing

  • World Bank: Knowledge Sharing - Knowledge sharing at World Bank - has evolved over time. From an early emphasis on capturing and organizing knowledge, its focus now is on adopting, adapting, and applying knowledge in a way that helps World Bank staff, clients, and partners work more effectively to reduce global poverty.

  • UNFPA: Knowledge Sharing

KM Research/PhD

KM Case Studies

Knowledge Organisation System (KOS)

Knowledge Representation (KR) See also Ontology

Knowledge Discovery/Mining

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

Social Network Analysis (SNA)

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Labour Laws

Learning See Also e-Learning



The following are the most useful links in Library and Information Science....If you wish to add your websites on this list, please send me an e-mail.

Librarianship See also Digital Library

Archives & Museums



  • Citation Machine - an interactive 'citation machine' to assist in citing resources both print and electronic, either in MLA or ALA style.

LIS - Career Development

  • Library Careers Blog - Compiled by the Library Job People, Sarah Johnson and Rachel Singer Gordon. Professional tips for librarians: Articles, job-hunting advice, professional development opportunities, and other news and ideas on how to further your library career.

  • Career Development Online - The Information Professional's Guide to Career Development Online by Sarah L. Nesbeitt and Rachel Singer Gordon.

LIS: Conferences

LIS-Education/Distance Learning


LIS Jobs See Also Jobs

Library Associations




Librarianship : Personalities

  • Eugene Garfield - This site belongs to EUGENE GARFIELD gives details about his Education, Career Overview, Professional Positions, Awards and Honors, Scientific and Professional Associations, Editorial and Board Memberships.

  • Librarians on the Web

  • InfoScience Today: Information Professionals

Librarianship: Full Text

Library: AV Materials

Library: Books/e-Books

Library: e-Resources
Library: Blogs
Library: Evaluation of information sources
Scientometrics, Informetrics and Bibliometrics

Library Newsletters/Mailing Lists
Library - Quotes

Library Software

  • Barcode Label generator - Free Online Barcode label generator - by Deeksha

  • Geac Library Solutions provides library and information management solutions for Libraries, Archives, Museums and Information Centres of all kinds all around the world.

Library: Useful Links
Information Literacy & Lifelong Learning (ILLL)

National Libraries of the World
Open Archive Initiatives (OAI) See also "O"

RFID Systems for Library Management
Reference Service

Records Management

Library and KM Consultants

LIS Research


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Markets See also Information Markets

  • Prediction Markets Cluster®The - is the industry network for prediction markets. It is a collaboration of vendors, academia, traders, users, developers and stakeholders.

Market Research

  • Aberdeen Group - This is the online site of the Aberdeen Group, a technology oriented research consultancy that provides IT consulting and market strategy advice to the IT supplier community.

  • AMR Research - AMR Research, with research practices that include Manufacturing, E-Business Technology, Enterprise Application, SAP and Supply Chain, is a leading industry and market analysis firm that focuses on the impact of technology on industry. The site provides subscription-based Web access to over 5000 Strategic Reports and news-driven Alert articles, including analysis of e-business applications and technologies, that can impact upon business decisions.

  • Forrester - The Web-site of Forrester Research, an independent research firm whose research provides a source of insight that guides critical business technology decisions.

  • Gartner - The intractive web-site of the Gartner Group that provides research and information for decision makers seeking to leverage technology for business advantage and for technology vendors seeking to maximise their market share.

  • Hurwitz Group - The Hurwitz Group provides E-Business research from all viewpoints. The site includes a number of Knowledge Centers which encompass the major IT issues facing business including Data warehousing & BI and Enterprise Business Applications.

  • Montgomery Research - The online site of Montgomery Research Inc., a publisher of thought-leadership projects that focus on the convergence of technology and business, includes many papers and resources on high impact IT issues such as CRM and supply chain collaboration.

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